Highball Time is hosted by Uncle Otis, a ten-point buck from Texas, now a national treasure.  His favorite appetizer is ice.

As a young Otis, (social drinker) his indelicate world view was shaped while serving as bait attendant at Galveston Island’s Tuffy’s Bait Camp.  Later, thanks to his state’s early-release program, anything was possible, including cheerleaders, circulating nurses and a host of unplanned neighborhood scrap-booking meetings. Uncle Otis can still ride a bike without holding on to the handle bars. Can you?

Thanks for letting Uncle Otis into your home today (that almost never happens.)  His pronouns are 12oz, 18oz and 36oz (that’s plural.)  Slower listeners keep right.

Enjoy all the chin boogie (not available in Dallas.)

“Great genius may often appear unhinged and unashamed.”